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Hendry Service

Hendry Cycles offers a full spectrum of the latest bikes & a complete range of service options in our service centres. Founded in 1975, our focus has always been working collaboratively with our customers. Hendry Cycles was founded on the principle that we are practitioners of cycling technology, not the guardians of it. We strive to create an environment where arrogance and attitude have no place.

We are a destination shop, meaning that people seek us out. We are not defined by what we sell, but by who we are. We have a business built around rider interests; and supporting our customers in what you're all truly 'excited by' is a great way to work and live .

We build bikes with our customers, inviting them in on the process. Again, getting people excited about what excites us all, is a great way to create a relationship that is far beyond 'transactions'. Buying a bike off the rack takes 30 minutes, building a bike with us draws us into your world.

We are very interested in bike escapism; mountain biking & gravel touring . We know the desire many have to escape the urban jungle, be it only for a few hours or a weekend. We take trips and go on (off) road rides on a regular basis throughout our beautiful coastal hinterland.  - pic

We sell what we use and what we ride, which makes selling easy as we have no 'sales driven staff' . .

We instruct new riders on many facets of  their bikes and cycling, and teach free classes 

We have really great staff.  It has taken me a few years to utter that out loud and in print, but if you saw what I see every day, you’d agree. 

Thankyou for delving into our world; we love your questions & feeedback, so please feel free to call or email  info@hendrycycles.com.au  anytime.  We are very grateful...